Delta Specialty Coatings

     A Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Plating Shop

About Us:

Delta Specialty Coatings LLC is a Specification Plating and Metal Coatings jobshop located in Houston, Texas. We are a service-disabled veteran-owned plating shop. Here at Delta Specialty Coatings we take pride in each job we complete.

We specialize in fast turnaround and very high quality. We take on challenging jobs that others cannot perform. We have an in-house Lab and the best technical library in the region. We have tanks up to 20' long and ovens up to 14' long. Our high temp oven can perform silver high-bake at 1400F under Argon gas. In the past 10 years we have never lost a single customer part.

Our Company Motto:

Safety Above All! Sobre todo, Seguridad!

We are proud of our Safety Program that meets or exceeds all government requirements. Our company was formed through the acquisition of three plating companies. In a combined period of over 75 years of operation, we have never had a serious accident.

No blondes in this group.       Darth Vader wannabe in the second row of First Shift


We have a process for continuing improvement:

  • Developing advanced quality skills
  • Measuring performance
  • Isolating causes of variability
  • Identifying & authorizing improvements
  • Seeking customer feedback.

Our quality process uses a variety of specialized engineering disciplines, laboratories and services in support of our manufacturing process. Delta Specialty Coatings LLC's quality practices begin from the first contact with our customers and continues throughout the entire product life cycle. Our fundamental quality policy is to perform to the specifications as directed by the customer.

We listen to our customers’ concerns and your perspective. We will adapt to YOUR corporate and quality culture. Your success leads to OUR success. Think of us as the Coatings Department for your company and part of YOUR Team.

The quality function is the most important part of our Company.

The Fastest, Most Responsive Service:

We meet customer schedules even if it means working weekends and holidays. We have a pool of part time employees who are skilled platers from other shops we keep on standby for surges in production because your schedule demands are our priority.

We take pride in being responsive to our customer's needs. This includes our inventory of unusual and oversized tanks to accommodate oversized parts. Our customers bring us their most difficult jobs and most vexing technical questions and we bring our best solutions.

If we cannot perform the process, we will help our customer find another vendor who can get the job done. We also add processes our customers require because our customers shape the future of this company.

What we are known for:

  • When the customer needs it FAST, they call us.
  • When the customer requires HIGH QUALITY, they call us.
  • When the customer has DEMANDING SPECS, they call us.
  • When the customer has VERY LARGE PARTS, they call us.
  • Highly experienced staff who take pride in delivering quality.
  • Registered ISO 9001:2008. Registration for AS9100 Rev C is planned for 2016.
  • In-house laboratory and a degreed Chemist with over 40 years of experience in all types of metal coating.
  • Best technical library in the region with all reference works and over 300 specifications.
  • Instruments calibrated to NIST standards
  • Service Disabled Vet Owned Business.

One of our 20' tanks


The mission of our company is to be a world-class metal finishing and manufacturing service provider. Delta Specialty Coatings is dedicated to:

  • Safety
  • The advancement of our employees
  • The delivery of high quality services to our customers
  • Fully serving our customers, our employees, and our country

Randy (our consulting Chemist) lusting after Carlos’ Lotus

Contact Us

For all quotes, consulting, questions, etc.
Contact: Mike Reeder

Phone: 713-645-6921
Fax: 713-645-3583
Mobile: 832-722-6703

Email Request for Quote or drawings to:
Feel free to call my cell phone after normal business hours. We offer 24X365 service when our customers require it. If you have questions about any coating, CALL. We are the coating experts on your team.

If Mike is not available, other points of contact:
Carlos Palma (VP, Operations)

Lisette Rosas (Office Manager)

As a metal finishing engineer, I will consult with you on which coating or specification best meets your requirements. If you do not find what you are looking for on this website, please call me. We are always looking for new challenges and will invest in new capabilities as demanded by the market. If we cannot perform the coating process, I will refer you to one of our esteemed competitors who can help you.

Oh yeah, Se habla Espanol! Everybody speaks Spanish here except the Canadian immigrant (our Senior Coatings Chemist).

Mike Reeder

Physical Address:
Delta Specialty Coatings LLC
5738 Heiser Street
Houston, TX 77087

Mailing Address:
PO Box 87460
Houston, TX 77287-7460