Delta Specialty Coatings

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Specifications in our Library:

Organization and Spec Number Description
Aerospatiale A-DET0013 Cetyl Alcohol Lubrication
AISI 1026 Carbon Steel Spec
Aker Solutions Subsea 10000312375-PDC-000 Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating
AM 12002 Zinc & Cadmium
Amec-Paragon Kizomba Coating Spec Fluoropolymer Coatings for Fasteners
Ametek SSP 013 Passivation
APV RUSD-1027-J-KS-T2-0001.00 E Rev 3 Fluoropolymer on Fasteners
Argus Subsea 1-Z-61-000-003 REV B01 Bolts
Argus Subsea 1-Z-61-000-043 REV A02 Friction Reducing Fluoropolymer
Argus Subsea 1-Z-61-000-053 REV A01 Fluoropolymer Coatings
Argus Subsea 1-Z-61-000-063 Rev B01 Zinc Plating
AS 1701 Lubricant (Solid Dry Film)
AS 7478 Bolts and Screws, Steel, UNS S66286
ASME B46.1-02 Surface Texture (Surface Roughness, Waviness, Lay
ASTM A-123 Hot Dip Zinc on Steel
ASTM A153-09 Standard Specification for Zinc Coating (Hot Dip) on Steel
ASTM A300-76 Standard Recommended Procedure for Cleaning and Descaling of Stainless Steel Parts, Equipment, and Systems
ASTM A354-07 Standard specification for Quenched and Tempered Alloy Steel Bolts, Studs, and Other Externally Threaded Fasteners
ASTM A540-540M-98 Standard Specification for Alloy Steel Bolting Materials for Special Applications
ASTM B0994-B0994M-15 Standard Specification for Nickel-Cobalt Alloy Coating
ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test Procedure
ASTM B242-99 (2009) Preparing High Carbon Steel for Plating
ASTM B322-99 (2009) Cleaning Metals Before Plating
ASTM B487-85 (2013) Standard Test Method for Measurement of Metal Coating Thickness by Microscopic Examination of Cross Section
ASTM B571-97 (2007) Standard Practice for Adhesion Testing of Metallic Coatings
ASTM B602-88 (2010) Standard Test Method for Attribute Sampling of Metallic and Inorganic Coatings
ASTM B633-07 Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Zinc on Iron and Steel
ASTM B689-97 Electroplated Nickel Coating Engineering Sulfamate
ASTM B733-09 Standard Specification for Autolytic (Electroless) Nickel-Phosphorus on Metal
ASTM B766 (2008) Standard Specification for Cadmium Plating
ASTM B841-99 (2010) Zinc-Nickel Alloy Plating
ASTM B849-02 (2007) Standard Specification for Pre-Treatments of Iron or Steel for Reducing Riskof Hydrogen Embrittlement
ASTM B850-07 Post-Coating Treatments of Steel for Reducing the Risk of Hydrogen Embrittlement
ASTM D 0610-08 (2012) Standard Practice for Evaluating Degree of Rusting on Painted Steel Surfaces
ASTM D 3359-09 Standard Test Methods for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test
ASTM D 3363-05 92011) Standard Test Method for Film Hardness Test by Pencil Test
ASTM D 5402-06 (2011) Standard Practice for Assessing the Solvent Resistance of Organic Coatings Using Solvent Rubs
ASTM D 7091-12 Standard Test Method for Non-Destructive Measurement of Non-Magnetic Coatings
ASTM D 769-01 (2012) Standard Specification for Black Synthetic Iron Oxide
ASTM F 1135-99 (2004) Standard Specification for Cadmium or Zinc Chromate Organic Corrosion Protection Coating for Fasteners
ASTM F 1136-04 Standard Specification for Zinc Aluminum Corrosion Protection Coatings for Fasteners
ASTM F 1136M-11 Standard Specification for Zinc Aluminum Corrosion Protection Coatings for Fasteners
ASTM F 1137-00 (2006) Standard Specification for Phosphate Oil and Phosphate Organic Corrosion Protection Coatings for Fasteners
ASTM F 1470-02 Standard Guide for Fastener Sampling for Specified Mechanical Properties and Performance Inspection
ASTM F 1940-99 Standard Test Method for Process Control Verification to Prevent Hydrogen Embrittlement in Plated or Coated Fasteners
ASTM F 1941-10 Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings on Threaded Fasteners (Unified Inch Screw Threads (UN/UNR))
ASTM F 1941-98 Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings on Threaded Fasteners (Unified Inch Screw Threads (UN/UNR))
ASTM F 3019-F3019M-14 Standard Specification for Chromate Free Zinc Flake Composite Coatings With or Without Integral Lubricants, Corrosion Protection for Fasteners
ASTM-A-165-71 Cadmium
ASTM-A-165-80 Cadmium
ASTM-A-967-96 Passivation
ASTM-B-481-68 Preparation (Titanium & Titanium Alloys)
A-X040002 Zinc Phosphate ( App. Carbon & Low Alloy Steel)
A-X040008 Passivation
Axon CS103 E Nickel Phosphorus
Axon CS103-3B Xylan with Primer
Axon CS103A Xylan Coating
Axon CS104 Zinc and Cadmium Plating on Steel
Baker Hughes A4000186000 Gold Plating
Baker Hughes BCS A207A Nickel Codeposit with PTFE
Baker Hughes F126763015 Dry Film Lube
Bauer BN_14_EN_BMA-G Coatings on Expansion Sleeves
Bauer BN_15_EN_BMA-G Surface Coatings, Zinc Nickel Alloy
Bauer DIN 50979 Zinc Nicke Plating
Bell Helicopter Black Oxide Treatment for Steels
Bell Helicopter 299-099-031 (AA) Finish Code
Bell Helicopter 4006R-2 Baked Marking Requirements for Cadmium Plating
Bell Helicopter BPS 4007 Passivation
Bell Helicopter BPS 4138 Chemical Cleaning of Aircraft Materials
Bell Helicopter BPS 4182 Chemical Film Treatment
Bell Helicopter BPS 4310 Application of Solid Film Lubricants
Bell Helicopter BPS 4312 Selected Brush Cadmium Plating
Bell Helicopter Process Spec Rev CY
Bell Helicopter Process Spec ST1001-947010-1966 Cadmium Plating
Bell Helicopter TEXTRON 4006 Cadmium Plating
Bell Helicopter TEXTRON 4006R-1 Chromate Conversion Coating and X-53 Stripping
Bell Process Spec Subject Index
Bigfoot Xylan Spec
Boeing BAC 5008 Application of Lubricants
Boeing BAC 5019 Rev U Chromic Acid Anodizing
Boeing BAC 5032 Rev G Grinding of Chrome Plate
Boeing BAC 5034 Temporary Protection of Production Materials and Assemblies
Boeing BAC 5117 Rev AD Electrical Bonding
Boeing BAC 5307 Part Marking
Boeing BAC 5338 Rev B Acid Etch and Electrochemical Marking
Boeing BAC 5408 Cleaning (Vapor Degreasing)
Boeing BAC 5417 Heat Treating of Carbon and Alloy Steels
Boeing BAC 5423 Rev W Penetrant Methods of Inspection
Boeing BAC 5423 Rev W Pentrant Methods of Inspection
Boeing BAC 5424 Magnetic Particle Inspection
Boeing BAC 5424 Rev U Magnetic Particle Inspection
Boeing BAC 5492 Rev G Machining and Cutting Titanium
Boeing BAC 5617 Heat Treatment of Alloy Steels
Boeing BAC 5618 Carburizing and Nitriding of Steels
Boeing BAC 5619 Rev H Heat Treatment of Corrosion Resistant Steel
Boeing BAC 5620 Rev B Induction Heat Treatment of Aircraft Steels
Boeing BAC 5621 Temperature Control
Boeing BAC 5621 Temperature Controls for Processing Materials
Boeing BAC 5625 Rev E Surface Treatment of Ferrous Alloys
Boeing BAC 5626 Rev B Colored Chemical Conversion Coating for Aluminum
Boeing BAC 5632 Rev D Boric Acid Sulfuric Acid Anodizing
Boeing BAC 5640 Nitriding of Steels
Boeing BAC 5641 Carburizing of Carbon and Alloy Steels
Boeing BAC 5650 Hardness Testing
Boeing BAC 5653 Barkhausen Inspection of Thermal Damage in Steel
Boeing BAC 5701 Cadmium Plating
Boeing BAC 5709 Rev T Hard Chrome Plating
Boeing BAC 5710 Application of Special Purpose Coatings
Boeing BAC 5714 Rev H Electroplating of Aluminum Alloys
Boeing BAC 5716 Rev B Colored Chemical Conversion Coatings for Aluminum
Boeing BAC 5718 Cadmium Plating Low Hydrogen Embrittlement
Boeing BAC 5719 Chemical Conversion Coatings for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
Boeing BAC 5722 Rev E Copper Plating
Boeing BAC 5725 Stripping of Organic Materials
Boeing BAC 5730 Rev N Shot Peening
Boeing BAC 5744 Rev G Manual Cleaning
Boeing BAC 5746 Rev L Nickel Plating Electrodeposited
Boeing BAC 5748 Rev R Abrasive Cleaning Deburring and Finishing
Boeing BAC 5749 Rev U Alkaline Cleaning
Boeing BAC 5750 Rev L Solvent Cleaning
Boeing BAC 5751 Cleaning, Descaling, and Surface Prep of Ferrous Alloys
Boeing BAC 5753 Rev T Cleaning Descaling and Surface Prep of Ti and Ti Alloys
Boeing BAC 5756 Application of Heat Treat Protective Coatings
Boeing BAC 5758 Rev K Cleaning Descaling and Surface Prep of Nickel and Cobalt
Boeing BAC 5763 Rev H Emulsion Cleaning
Boeing BAC 5765 Rev T Cleaning and Deoxidizing of Aluminum Alloys
Boeing BAC 5769 Cleaning Descaling and Surface Prep of Magnesium Alloys
Boeing BAC 5770 Cleaning (Descaling & Surface Prep. Of Copper Alloys)
Boeing BAC 5770 Cleaning Descaling and Surface Prep of Copper Alloys
Boeing BAC 5771 Cleaning (Stripping Inorganic Finishes)
Boeing BAC 5771 Stripping Organic Finishes
Boeing BAC 5772 Rev W Chem Milling of Aluminum Alloys
Boeing BAC 5786 Rev J Etch Cleaning of Aluminum Alloys
Boeing BAC 5804 Cadmium
Boeing BAC 5804 Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Cadmium Titanium Alloy Plating
Boeing BAC 5838 Requirements for Acid Etch Marking and Electrochemical Etch Marking
Boeing BAC 5851 Rev G Application of Thermal Spray Coatings
Boeing BCS A203 Zinc
Boeing BCS A401 Zinc or Manganese Phosphate
Boeing BP Doc-DWGOM GI|S 06-8040 Rev 2 Paint Spec
Boeing BPS 4006 Cadmium
Boeing BPS 4007 Passivation
Boeing BPS 4084 Black Oxide Treatment of Steels
Boeing BPS 4138 Chemical Cleaning of Aircraft Materials
Boeing BPS 4182 Chemical Film Treatment
Boeing BPS 4310 Application of Solid Film Lubricants
Boeing BPS 4312 Cadmium (Selective Brush plating)
Boeing BPS 4343 Cleaning (Mechanical, of Metals)
Boeing BPS 4384 Phosphate (of Metals)
Boeing BPS 4416 Calibration and Certification of Thermal Processing Equipment
Boeing BPS 4451 Application of Epoxy Primer
Boeing BPS 4554 Zinc-Nickel Alloy Plating
Boeing BPS 4555 Thin Film Sulfuric Acid Anodize
Boeing BSS 7002 Rev V Storage of Time and Temp Sensitive Materials
Boeing BSS 7023 Rev P Manufacturing Facilities With Approve Procedures for Mfg
Boeing BSS 7217 Rev C Air Cleanliness Shop Compressed
Boeing BSS 7222 Rev C Effect of Adhesive Tape on Titanium Alloys
Boeing BSS 7225 Rev G Adhesion Tape Test
Boeing BSS 7286 Rev B Statistical Process Control of Designated Engineering Characteristics
Boeing BSS 7350 Rockwell Hardness Testing Procedures
Boeing BSS Rev E Hardness Testing of Materials, Personnel Certification of
Boeing DIN 50961 A3C Zinc and Cadmium Plating on Steel
Boeing P.S. 13101 Cadmium Plating Old Spec
Boeing P.S. 13107 Diffused Nickel Cadmium
Boeing PS 13112 Sulfamate Nickel Plating old spec
Boeing PS13144 Plating Cadmium Spec
Boeing Spec 20-10-02 Machining of Alloy Steel
Boeing Standard Overhaul Practices 20-41-01 Decoding Boeing Finish Codes
Boeing Standard Overhaul Practices 20-41-01 Decoding Boeing Finishes
Boeing Standard Overhaul Practices 20-42-05 Bright Cadmium Plating
C-110C Zinc, Manganese, or Manganese-Nickel Phosphate
Camco CSP-122 Silver Plating Spec
Cameron A-002500 Rev 03 General Requirements for Coatings
Cameron SP-054110-01 Requirements for Threaded Fasteners
Cameron X-004022-02 Rev 01 Molybdenum Disulfide
Cameron X-004034-Rev 4 Zinc Plating
Cameron X-027047 Rev 02 Xylan 1052 on CRA
Cameron X-224034 Zinc Plating
CAP MS08 Zinc
Chevron Cadmium + Phosphate + Xylan bolt spec
Chevron CPM-SU-5012-B Aluminizing of SS Fasteners
Chevron EXH-SU-9.00-A Fastener Coatings
Chevron MSP-PL00-SPC-CHV-0000-00001-00 Rev Ho2 Flanges and Fittings Zinc + Phosphate + Xylan
Chevron PIM-SU-3.00-A-1 Zinc plus Phosphate plus Xylan on pipes
Church Energy CS103A Xylan Coating
Clepox 243 Blackening Process for Iron & Steel
Cooper Bessemer ZSD-17 Alkaline Tin Plating
Cooper Bussman Zinc with Chromate
Cooper Bussman ESP001-XX Zinc and Copper Plating
Copes Vulcan Ltd EP16 Zinc Plate
Cornerstone Valve CS1008 3 mil E Nickel Coating
Coventya ES0027 Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating
Coventya ES0036 Zinc Aluminum Coating
Coventya ES0065 Black Oxide Coating
CS 12219 Coating (Fluoropolymer Coated Alloy Steel Fasteners)
Deep Seas Tech Inc SP00000-2 Xylan with Phosphate and Primer
DEF STAN 03-2/3 Cleaning ( & Prep)
DEF STAN 03-4/4 Preparation (Protection of Steel of >1450MPa)
DIN 267 Delivery of Components with Electrodeposited Coatings
DIN 50961 A3C Coating Zinc and Cadmium Plating
DIN 50979 2008-07 Zinc and Zinc Alloy Coatings
DoD UFC3-190-06 Paint Spec
DOD-P-16232F Phosphate Coatings,Heavy,Manganese or Zinc Base
DOW 7400 Lubricant (Water Dilutable Dry Film)
Dow G4S-3252-01-1 Fluoropolymer Coating for Fasteners
Downing Wellhead Equipment DST-110-0 Zinc Plating
Downing Wellhead Equipment DST-111-0 Black Oxide
DQC 007 Cadmium
Dresser Rand 015-009-056 Rev 03 Zinc Nickel Plating
Dresser Rand 015-009-059 Xylan 1424 Fasteners
Dresser Rand 015-009-061 Zinc Plate with Xylan
Dresser Rand 015-009-064 Zinc Nickel and Xylan 1424
Dresser Rand 015-009-066 Rev 00 Zinc Nickel plus Xylan
Dresser Rand CD-729 Zinc Nickel Plate with Xylan
Drill Quip DQC-004 Rev J Xylan Coating
Drill Quip QP-09-04 Rev X Magnetic Particle Inspection
DS 03-19 Cadmium
Dynamic Sealing B2-CM0035-50 Cadmium Plating
Eaton 50-407(1) Zinc Plating
Edo Corp EF43 Passivation
Emerson ESC41 Manganese Nickel Phosphate Coating
EN 2133 Cadmium
ES-C-18 Cadmium
EU RoHS Final Directive 060811
Everlube 620C Lubricant (Corrosion-Resistant Solid Film)
Exxon Tin (Alkaline, Plating of Couplings)
Exxon GP 56 02 13 Requirements
Exxon GP 56 02 13 Fluoropolymer Coatings for Fasteners
F 048 Tin
F70B1 Zinc
F70E2-S3 Nickel
Federal Spec QQ-P-416-1 1949 Version Cadmium Plating
Flowserve RMC 06040 Rev-3 Cadmium Plating
FMC C80146 Painting Spec for Manifold System Steel
FMC C80148 Phosphates for Unpainted Manifolds
FMC C80149 Fluoropolymer Spec Xylan
FMC C80156 Coating (Phenolic Modified Epoxy with Glass Flakes)
FMC C81000 Coating (Phenolic Based Thermosetting Resin)
FMC C81004 Rev J-1 Phenolic with PTFE Xylan
FMC C81005 Coating (Polyimide Resin, Yellow Teflon)
FMC C81006 Coating (Polyimide Resin, Orange Teflon)
FMC C81010 Xylan Coating
FP-49 Cadmium
FPS 61001 Nickel (Electroless)
FPS 61002 Cadmium
FPS 61004 Nickel (Electroless)
FPS 61005 Chrome
FPS 62001 Phosphate/Molykote
FPS 62003 Molykote
FPS 62004 Molykote
FPS 62006 Molykote
GCS-521 Nickel (Electroless)
GCS-606 Cadmium
GCS-607 Cadmium & Zinc
GE F70B4 Chromate Treated Zinc with Sulfuric Acid
GE G4S-3252-01-MOD91) Zinc plus Phosphate plus Xylan
GE Oil and Gas 6.2.10 Zinc Nickel Plating
GE Oil and Gas ITN07806_5-1 Silver Plating Spec
GE Oil and Gas VGS6.2.11 Rev 1 Silver Seal Rings
GE P14A-AL-0218 Fastener Coatings Delta MKS
GE P16D-AG6 Diffused Nickel Cadmium Plating
GE VGS 6.2.7 Electroless Nickel
GE VGS 603.21 Zinc plus Xylan
GM 4298 Salt Spray Testing
GM 611M Phosphate/Zinc
Grayloc GCS-607 Cadmium and Zinc Plated Bolting
Grayloc GCS-541 MoS2 (Molybdenum Disulfide) with Graphite
Grayloc GCS-606 Cadmium Plating of Steel Bolting for H2S (hydrogen sulfide) Service
Grayloc GCS-606 Cadmium Plating
Grayloc GCS-619 Silver Plating Seal Rings
Grayloc GPCS-6.3.1 Rev 2 Xylan Coating
Grayloc GPMP 13.0 Rev B Pickling and Passivation
GSA A-A-51126A Cadmium Anodes
GSA A-A-5927 Phosphate Chemical Requirments
H108915 Nickel
Halliburton 1700 _001 Gold Plating
Halliburton 770_10402_NW Black Oxide
Halliburton ESC10SCOPE Dry Film Lube
Hella Norm Zinc Nickel Plating
HEMPS 5.301 Phosphate (Carbon Steel & Low Alloy Steel)
Hi Shear HS 305 Cetyl Alcohol Lubrication
HS-4 Zinc Phosphate & Molybdenum Disulfate
Hydril HEMPS5.301_H3 Phosphate
IDE ED 12739 Coatings for nuts, screws
ISO 4042e-1 Plating on Fasteners
Jetstream ES222_A Gun Barrel Xylan Coating
KBR Zinc Aluminum Coating
KBR V42 6TS AGRIUM Coating Requirements Including Zinc Aluminum
KF Industries PS-00013 Xylan Coating Spec
LCP 77-1061 Cadmium
LH 0491 Cadmium
Lockheed STP54-008_l_1 Stress Relief and Baking Spec
Lockheed STP58-001_L Cadmium Plating
Lockheed STP58-005_G Titanium Cadmium Plating Spec
Lockheed STP58-301_D Passivation of Stainless Steel
Lockheed STSBS003 Rev K Diffused Nickel Cadmium Plating
Lone Star Fasteners QLS 8.12 Xylan 1400 Coating
Lone Star Fasteners QLS 8.4 Zinc Plating
Marley Engineering Passivation
MD Helicopters mdp4-125 Cadmium Titanium Plating
MD Helicopters mdp4-17 Silver Plating
MIL 26704E Nickel (Electroless)
MIL -STD-186 Finishing (for Army Missile Weapons)
MIL-A-8625F Coatings (Anodic, for Aluminum & aluminum Alloys)
MIL-C-16173D Corrosion Preventive Compound
MIL-C-17711B Chromate Coatings for Zinc
MIL-C-26074D Nickel (Electroless)
MIL-C-26074D Electroless Nickel
MIL-C-5541E Alodine (Aluminum Processing)
MIL-C-81706 Alodine (Aluminum Processing)
MIL-C-87115A Zinc Flake
MIL-DTL-13924 Coating (Oxide, Black for Ferrous Metals)
MIL-DTL-16232 Phosphate Coatings,Heavy,Manganese or Zinc Base
MIL-DTL-16232 Rev F Manganese Phosphate
MIL-DTL-16232G Manganese Phosphate or Zinc Phosphate
MIL-DTL-45204D Gold Plating
MIL-DTL-83488C PVD Aluminum
MIL-F-14072D Coatings (for Ground Based Electronic Equip.)
MIL-F-495E Black Finish on Copper Alloys
MIL-L-0046010 Lubricant (Solid Film, Heat Cured, Corrosion Inhibiting)
MIL-L-3150C Lubricant (Preservative, Medium)
MIL-L-46010A Lubricant, Solid Film, Corrosion Resistant
MIL-L-81329C Lubricant, Solid Film, Extreme Environment
MIL-L-8937D Lubricant (Solid Film, Heat Cured, Corrosion Inhibiting)
MIL-P-116 Preservation Methods
MIL-P-23408B Tin Cadmium Plating
MIL-PRF-16173E Corrosion Preventive Compound Solvent Cold App
MIL-PRF-3150 Lubricant (& Preservative Oil)
MIL-Q-9858 Quality Program Requirements
MIL-R-8573A Pressure Vessels
MIL-S-13165C Shot Peening
MIL-S-5002D Coatings (Inorganic & Surface Treatments)
MIL-STD 1535 Rev B Supplier Quality Assurance Program Requirments
MIL-STD 45662 Calibration System
MIL-STD-105 Process Control (Sampling Procedures & Tables for Inspection)
MIL-STD-1535B Supplier Quality Assurance Program Requirements
MIL-STD-171E (and D) Finishing of Metal & Wood Surfaces
MIL-STD-186D Protective Finishing for Army Missile Weapon Systems
MIL-STD-419E Cleaning (& Protecting Piping, Tubing, and Fittings)
MIL-STD-45662A-88 Calibration Systems Requirements
MIL-STD-753 Process Control (Sampling,&Tesing for Surface Passivation)
MIL-STD-870 Cadmium (Low Embrittlement, Electrodeposition)
MIL-STD-871 Cleaning (Electro-Chemical Stripping of Inorganic Finishes)
MIL-T-107277 Type 1. Reference ASTM B545, Classes A,B,C,D,E
MIL-T-10727B Tin (Electrodeposited or Hot-Dipped)
Molykote 106 Bonded Lubricant
Molykote 3400A Corrosion Protective Coating
Molykote 3400C Anti-Friction Coating
Molykote 3402 Bonded Lubricant
MS-707 Copper
Mustang 16619-S-PME-6100 Coatings for Offshore
NAS 672 Cadmium Fluoborate Plating for High Strength Steels
NASA PRC-4004 Sealing of Joints and Faying Surfaces
NASA PRC-5001 Cleaning
NASA PRC-5002 Passivation
NASA PRC-5003 Chromium
NASA PRC-5004 Nickel
NASA PRC-5005 Coatings (Aluminum)
NASA PRC-5006 Anodizing of Aluminum Alloys
NASA PRC-5007 Nickel (Electroless)
NASA PRC-5008 Anodizing of Aluminum Alloys (to Control Optical Properties)
NASA PRC-5010 Cleaning (Pickling, Etching, and Descaling of Metals)
NASA PRC-8001 Lubricant (Dry-Film)
NASA PRC-9001 Installation of Solid & Blind Rivets
NASA PRC-9002 Part Marking
National Oilwell CS-3015 Rev 0 Cadmium Plating
National Oilwell Varco 1525344 Manganese Phosphate and Xylan 1014 Blue
Navord WS15764 Solvent Cleaning of Surfaces
Navy WS 13958 Cadmium Plating
NOV Elmar EWI-107 Zinc Nickel Plate and Passivate
NSF 61-2014A Water System Plating Standard
Oceaneering A03054 Rev AE Coating Spec
Oceaneering A03054A 1052 Xylan
Oceaneering Deepwater A03836 rev AC Plating Spec for Offshore and Subsea Equipment
Oceanworks A03054 Polyamide Resin With MoS2 and PTFE
Oil States SV2D-000025 Rev 0-1 Xylan Corrosion Resistant Coating with 1514LC
Oman PCS-14 Zinc Nickel and Xylan 1424
Optical Cable Corp 001-1001-XXX Plating and Finishing on Metal Alloys
Oxychem PIP-03 Metallic Chlorine Hoses
Packers Plus CT-03 E Nickel
Parco Lubrite 2 Manganese Phosphate
PE-9712 Zinc
Pemex NRF-027-PEMEX-2009 Rev 1 Cleaning for Oxygen Service
Petrobras DOC032513 Coating Flanges Nuts Bolts
Petronas Zinc Nickel and Xylan
Petronas PTFE Coating
Petronas Carigali 24.CSP-23 Rev 0 Coating System for Bolts and Nuts
Petrowell C008-00 Zinc Nickel Plating
PQC-0020-1 Nickel & Copper
PQC-1000M Zinc
Pratt and Whitney PWA 586 High Temp Anti Galling Coating
Prosedyre Solvcoating PS 01 AS Silver Plating
PS00013 Xylan 1014 Gray
PS-13204 Conversion Coating
RA 0109-009 Cadmium
S 213237D Alodine
S 26-1514 Cadmium, Titanium, Copper
SAE AMS 2400R Cadmium
SAE AMS 2400S Cadmium
SAE AMS 2402F Zinc Plating
SAE AMS 2403L Nickel Plating General Purpose
SAE AMS 2404C Nickel (Electroless)
SAE AMS 2406G Chromium Plating Hard Deposit
SAE AMS 2408 Classes A through F
SAE AMS 2410H Silver & Nickel Strike (High Bake)
SAE AMS 2411D Silver (High Temp.)
SAE AMS 2412 Rev J Plating Silver Copper Strike Low Bake
SAE AMS 2416 Rev L Plating Nickel Cadmium Diffused
SAE AMS 2416D Nickel-Cadmium (Diffused)
SAE AMS 2417 Rev H Plating Zinc Nickel Alloy
SAE AMS 2460 Hard Chrome Plating
SAE AMS 2700E Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels
SAE AMS 4050 Aluminum Alloy Plate
SAE AMS 7478B Bolts and Screws
SAE AMS QQ-N-290A Nickel
SAE AMS QQ-P-35B Passivation
SAE AMS QQ-P-416F Cadmium
SAE AMS QQ-S-365 Silver
SAE AMS QQ-Z-325C Zinc
SAE AMS-QQ-C-35 Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels
SAE AMS-QQ-P-35 Passivation (Treatments for Corrosion-Resistant Steel)
SAE AS1701 Dry Film Lube High Temp Type VI
SAE AS5272C Dry Film Lube
SAE AS87132 Cetyl Alcohol Lubrication
Sandia 9902105_Y Nickel Plating
Sandia 9902200_AA Tin Lead Plating
Schlumberger Xylan 1070 Blue
Schlumberger 100146609_AB Zinc Nickel
Schlumberger 100146609AB Zinc Nickel Plating
Schlumberger 100540568_AA Copper Alloys C17500 and C17465 Small Diameters
Schlumberger 101270812_AA Black Oxide and Oil Specification
Schlumberger CSP-124-AF-1 E Nickel
Schlumberger CSP-16 Zinc Phosphate
Schlumberger CSP-70_AW_CSP-70_AV Anti Friction Coating Xylan
Schlumberger CSP-85 Dry Film Lube
Schlumberger CSP-85_AF Moly Disulfide Coating
Schlumberger MDS-22 Material Spec for 316L
Schlumberger SH016575 Parkerizing
Schlumberger SH034822_AC Zinc Phosphate
Schlumberger T1001433 Zinc Phosphate Coating with Polishing
SH 012928 Cadmium
SH 018232 Copper
SH 034822 Phosphate
SH 145579 Chromate
Shaffer Engineering A X010168 Cadmium Plating
Shell DEP General Fastener Coatings
Shell DEP Zinc Aluminum Ceramic with Fluorocarbon
Shell ES313 Procurement Spec Zinc Nickel
Shell MESC SPE 81-007 Coatings on Fasteners
Shell SES-47.1 Rev 07 Protective Coating Spec
Sikorsky SS8488 Rev 2 Plating Diffused Nickel Cadmium
Sino Swearingen PS30 Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels
Sino Swearingen PS71 Finishes Coatings and Treatments
Sino Swearingen PS76 Cleaning of Copper and Copper Alloys
Sino Swearingen PS78 Stripping of Inorganic Finishes
Sino Swearingen PS84 Coating of Aircraft Exterior Surfaces
SOFEC 1204-SP-0006 Rev C Xylan 1424 Fasteners
Sonusub Xylan 1052 on CRA
Spectrum Microwave PS-0001 Silver Plating
SS 350 Zinc Phosphate
ST 1001-947010 Cadmium
STP8-001 Cadmium
Sulzer Cadmium Zinc Phosphate and Xylan
T 1001433 Zinc Phosphate
Thomas Coupling TC4-111 Cadmium Fluoborate Plating
Toolco Glass Bead Blasting
Toolco Phosphate
Toshiba XM015427 Dry Lubricant Finishes
Tripac Blue Coat System Zinc Nickel plus Xylan
Triumph Thermal Systems PS 0363 Rev 18 P Various Pickling and Passivation of Stainless Steel
TT-C-490C Cleaning (& Pretreatments for Organic Coatings)
UK MOD BS 6338 Chromates on Plated Parts
UK MOD Def-Stan 03-19 Cadmium Plating
United Technologies AA06FS-FZ Zinc Plating
Valvtechnologies VMS KZ3 Zinc Nickel Plating
VGS 6.1.2 Epoxy and Topcoat for Surface and Subsea
VGS 6.1.3 Rev 7 Three Coat Epoxy
VGS 6.1.6. Coatings (External Plastic)
VGS 6.10.1. Phosphate (Carbon Steel & Low Alloy Steel)
VGS 6.2.10 Rev 1 Zinc Nickel Plating
VGS 6.2.11 Rev 0 Jun 2006 Silver Plating Seal Rings
VGS 6.2.3. Phosphate (Carbon Steel & Low Alloy Steel)
VGS 6.2.4. Cadmium (Carbon Steel & Low Alloy Steel)
VGS 6.3.2. Coating (Everslik 1201/1301)
VGS 6.3.3. Lubricant (Dry,for Carbon, Steel, & High Nickel Alloys)
VGS 6.3.4. Xylan 1400 (grey)
VV-L-800C Lubricant (Oil)
VW 13750 Surface Protection of Metal Parts
Weatherford WC 103 Black Oxide Coating
Weatherford WC-101 Phosphating
Weatherford WC-113 Shot Peening
Weatherford WC-202 Zinc Plate with Type VI Chromate
Weatherford WC-232 Rev A Hard Chrome Plating
Weatherford WC-401 Epoxy with Dry Film Lube
Weatherford WC-402 Rev E Xylan 1052 on CRA
Weatherford WC-415 Molykote
Weatherford WS-505 Steel Bar Alloy Hard
Westinghouse 83127 MM Manganese Phosphate
Westinghouse 83127 MM Manganese Phosphate
WKM 37-5003 Cadmium
WKM 37-7536 Chromate
WKM 37-7594 Cadmium
WS 1041 Cadmium
WS 13958 Cadmium (High Strength Steels)
X-027022 Xylan 1052
X-027099-01 Xylan 1400 (grey)
X-4024 Cadmium
XM 015425 Zinc/Cadmium

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