Delta Specialty Coatings

     A Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Plating Shop

Mike Reeder

President, aka El Jefe, seen here ready to chow down at a black tie dinner

Delta Specialty Coatings LLC
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science, United States Military Academy at West Point (Known to some grads as "The Hudson Trade School for Wayward Boys")
    • Masters, Economics and Finance, University of Texas at El Paso
      • With this M.A. and $2.50, I can buy a latte'.

  • Coating Experience
    • Purchased Concho Valley Plating 2002
    • Purchased Allied Plating 2005
    • Purchased Electro Specialty Coatings 2005
    • Combined assets into Delta Specialty Coatings in 2005

  • Previous Experience
    • Company Commander of unit with over 500 officers and enlisted by age twenty six
    • Still a Captain in the Inactive Reserve (I don't think they will call me up any time soon)
    • Started my first company in 1977. Sold it to go work in the exciting Space Program.
    • 20 years as an aerospace engineer on the Space Shuttle, Strategic Defense (aka Star Wars weapon systems), and the Space Station
      • Worked for Northrop, Rockwell, General Dynamics, Boeing, and Raytheon
      • Retired from Boeing
      • R&D Project Management. Completed projects in materials, structures, life support, avionics, computational fluid dynamics, system engineering, artificial intelligence, neural nets, robotics, manufacturing technology, simulation, pollution prevention, and weapon systems (this was the honest work that I was most proud of)
      • Mastered the Machiavellian techniques used to win large government contracts against equally ruthless competitors (Loved winning contracts, but needed a shower afterwards).

  • Accomplishments
    • Led the company's efforts to transfer advanced technologies from government labs to space and defense programs
    • Invented new weapon system which was described as "innovative" and "one of the best ideas I have ever seen" by Rockwell's Chief Operating Officer, Sam Iacobellis. Note that Sam was NOT easily impressed. My best work ever. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what I invented or the Men In Black will visit me.
    • Other inventions include a method for joining carbon nanotubes, a cryogenic carbon dioxide scrubber, a very low cost launcher for nano-satellites, and a hibernation technique for long space missions.
    • Greatest Accomplishment to Date: Growing Delta Specialty Coatings LLC into one of the best and most versatile coatings companies in our region!
      • I have assembled a great team
      • We have added over 20 new coatings in 10 years to our repertoire

Randy Lalande

Title: Senior Coatings Chemist (consultant)
Reserve Admiral, Canadian Navy, Bayou Vista Fleet (all 14 feet of it)
Yes, we call Randy "Admiral" within the Company, but it's because the guy KNOWS how to fish!

University of Toronto, BS in Chemistry (Don't be hatin' on immigrants)

Core Skills
  • Chemistry and related sciences
  • Process research, development, and quality control
  • Quality system implementation and management
  • Metal finishing, Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

Note that Randy owns Process Engineering Laboratories in addition to being our consulting Chemist. We have seen what he can do.

If your company has its own coating lines or problems therewith, CALL Randy! He can trouble-shoot almost any coating process, train your workers, help with environmental compliance, R&D, quality control, and a host of other subjects.
Contact him at

He will not admit it, but he has been working in the coating field for almost 40 years (he started when he was a child).

He has worked for Dow Chemical/Rohm and Haas, McDonald Technologies, Universal Circuits, and Boart Hard Metals (where he started at the tender age of 17 performing metallurgical tests).

Carlos Palma

Carlos Palma, VP of Operations, a rising star within our Company

Lisette Rosas

Lisette Rosas, the Nerve Center (Office Manager) of our Company

Contact Us

For all quotes, consulting, questions, etc.
Contact: Mike Reeder

Phone: 713-645-6921
Fax: 713-645-3583
Mobile: 832-722-6703

Email Request for Quote or drawings to:
Feel free to call my cell phone after normal business hours. We offer 24X365 service when our customers require it. If you have questions about any coating, CALL. We are the coating experts on your team.

If Mike is not available, other points of contact:
Carlos Palma (VP, Operations)

Lisette Rosas (Office Manager)

As a metal finishing engineer, I will consult with you on which coating or specification best meets your requirements. If you do not find what you are looking for on this website, please call me. We are always looking for new challenges and will invest in new capabilities as demanded by the market. If we cannot perform the coating process, I will refer you to one of our esteemed competitors who can help you.

Oh yeah, Se habla Espanol! Everybody speaks Spanish here except the Canadian immigrant (our Senior Coatings Chemist).

Mike Reeder

Physical Address:
Delta Specialty Coatings LLC
5738 Heiser Street
Houston, TX 77087

Mailing Address:
PO Box 87460
Houston, TX 77287-7460